Bubble London

Are you going to visit Bubble London in June 2016? 

Come and visit us in the VB14 Stand to know the first brand that made clothes that grow with your baby. 


Bee Bee Babies creates an innovative concept in baby fashion: clothes that adapt to two consecutive sizes allowing to triple their useful life. Through the strategic placement of snap fasteners and elastics, the pajamas and bodies grow at the same time that the baby.  With this patented growth system, clothes last longer and it is more likely to get the size right when you are making a gift.  

The brand puts forward lively clothes, full of color, with original designs and devoid of "cheesiness". Since they are designed by mom, these clothes are thought-out to be practical and comfortable, with soft and fresh fabrics.

Created to contribute to your baby's well-being, the clothes are made in cotton with barely any sewing, design, carefully designed so they aren't too tight, they don't leave any marks on the skin and allow the little ones to move in complete freedom.

All products have the “Made in Spain” tag, since both the ´production process and the purchase of raw materials is done in Spain. Proximity Fashion. 


✔  Bee Bee Babies collections are 100% Made in Spain (both raw materials as production), therefore reducing the carbon footprint in shipping of all the elements and we pollute as little as we can. Ecofashion.

✔ Additionally, we have the support of local business and we make sure that they respect economic and labor condition of the workers.  Ethical fashion.

  We design all clothes thinking in tripling their useful life. Refashioning. 

  We are obsessed in thinking that the resources we use to make them will go unused in clothes that the babies will not wear enough or that will be left without being used.

  We want to leave a better world for our children. And we think that we all can do out bit to help. 


All Bee Bee Babies bodysuits have two lines of snap fasteners in the crotch that allow to adjust them to two different body heights. 



Additionally, crossed bodysuits for newborns (up to six months) can be adapted to the width of the body by placing the clasps in two different positions. 

On the other hand, the elastics placed in the legs and arms give the chance to shorten the sleeves and legs to the size of the baby. 

The dresses and sweatshirts have two buttons that allow adjusting the garment to the baby's girth.